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Links to great sites throughout the web. If you see anything that should be added, let me know!

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I will try to check these links out as possible, to make sure that they remain fresh, and accurate.


Great fun and informative sites:
Wrestling Observer One of the most trusted and accurate sites for wrestling news on the web.
Pro Wrestling History Show results for every major event, as well as other great info.
Wrestling Title History This site will answer all your questions about who has held what titles, and when.
Hobbit Name Generator A fun idea, find out what your Hobbit name would be

Favorite Sites
Doug's Horsemen 2K1 My original site. A Yahoo! group 4 fans of the 4 Horsemen.
INLEWD Another place in which to find my column. Go and sign up for the great newletter, and you will find my weekly column, as well as great daily news from around the world of wrestling.
Stablewars A great WWF fantasy wrestling game in which you win points based on the performance of your stables win/loss record.
Barry Windham Fan Site A good site about Barry Windham, one of the Horsemen's own.
Wrestling Information Archive

Simply the GREATEST source of Wrestling Info there is. With real names, Results, Stable lineups (Including the Horsemen) and more

Solie's Horsemen Another good Horsemen site.
Wrestling News World A good forum, with some great people. Come and take a look!

My internet home, where I report Indy Wrestling. Look for me on the forums as DougFlair.

Storm Wrestling He may be serious on TV, but read his site, and you will see a whole new side to Lance Storm!